Recreation Park

The Royal Kunia subdivision has a private Recreation Park consisting of field space, basketball courts, tennis courts, a children's tot lot, and restroom facilities. Registered homeowners are entitled to use the area. Key fobs are required for access to the park.


Key Fobs

Key fobs can be obtained from the Royal Kunia Community Association (RKCA) office. Fobs are $5.00 each for the first two (2) and $15.00 each for any additional keys, up to four (4) total. There is a $25.00 replacement charge for each lost key fob. A signature is required to obtain a key fob. We are unable to send fobs to homeowners via mail. Cash is not accepted as a form of payment. Click here for the Key Fob Registration Form.


Gatherings at the Royal Kunia Recreation Park

If you are expecting 15 or more people, please submit a Field Application & Indemnification Form at least two (2) weeks prior to event date, along with the $100 User Fee Deposit. The check will be held and returned one week after the event. Read the Park Rules (see below) before filling out form. Failure to comply with the Park Rules will result in forfeiture of the User Fee Deposit.

Please note for groups of 200 or more, reservation requests must be submitted a minimum of 60 days prior to requested event date and is subject to review by the Board of Directors. Large gatherings may be subject to additional fees and requirements.


Use of Fields or Courts for Sports Activities

Homeowners may reserve field space or courts for sports related activities. Please fill out the Field Application & Indemnification Form (linked above) AND the Recreation Center Field Application for Sports Related Activities.

Click here to view the Resolution of the Board of Directors regarding the Rules for Sports Related Activities at the Recreation Center.

Recreation Park Rules

  • The field is for use only by bona fide members of the Royal Kunia Community Association (RKCA) and their invited guests. Unauthorized individuals using the field will be prosecuted for trespassing.

  • Vandals will be prosecuted.

  • No organized sports activities (baseball, soccer, football, etc.) are allowed without the express written approval of the RKCA Board or its designee. RKCA may charge a fee for a permit to use the field for organized sports activities, the price for which may change from time to time.   

  • Golfing, gas operated toys, firearms, darts, grass sliding, archery, or motorized vehicles are not permitted in the park, nor are other activities not specified above which the RKCA determines to present a hazard to persons or properties within or neighboring the park.  Notwithstanding any other provisions herein, this rule shall not prohibit persons with disabilities from using a motorized vehicle or wheeled device on the site as reasonably necessary for the use and enjoyment of the premises.

  • No bicycle riding, skateboarding, rollerblading/skating is permitted at any time.

  • Picnicking is permitted only in designated areas. Groups larger than 15 people require a permit from the RKCA Board or its designee. Cooking and/or outdoor fires are permitted only on designated concrete pads.  Picnickers must remove charcoal and trash from the premises.  

  • Alcoholic beverages are prohibited.

  • No animals are allowed in the park with the exception of service animals, guide dogs, or signal dogs as defined by Chapter 515, Hawaii Revised Statutes, or any other applicable State or Federal Law.

  • Please see posted signs for park hours. No evening use is allowed without the written approval of the RKCA Board or its designee.

  • The field may be closed without prior notice for maintenance or for Association activities.

  • Persons using the field site do so at their own risk to safety and personal property.  There is no lighting. Depending on the weather, pathways may be slippery.

  • Persons using the field must comply with all posted rules and comply with park hours as gates lock automatically.

  • Use key fob for entry/exit of all invited guests. 

  • Keep gates closed at all times. 

  • Use of park, including tot-lot and courts, are not exclusive to any one party.

  • No megaphones and professional sound systems allowed. Radios may be used as long as they do not interfere with another user's right to enjoy the Recreation Center or disturb neighboring homes.

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